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2015 Update

We have been busy over the winter cleaning out the trailer and shop and making major changes to our racing program. After two successful seasons with the Impressive Chassis, we were afforded the opportunity to make a chassis change that will hopefully make our efforts even more successful. We made the switch to a Harris by Highside Race Cars built by Kyle Strickler Motorsports out of Moorsville NC. This new chassis will be here in early April with hopes of hitting the track by April 25th. In addition to a chassis change, we sold one of our open Matt Rogers Racing engines and have a new crate motor package from Crate Motor Connection on its way. Our plans this year are to hit all the major races mixed in with some weekly shows. I will put up a tentative schedule soon.

Fall Nationals at Chico

Night one we started dead last in our 9 car heat race and ended up 4th. Track was hammer down fast. Started 10th in A-main, made the wrong changes to the car. Thought the track would dry out but stayed hammer down tacky. Ended up 11th with a very tight race car.

Night two we started outside pole of heat race and ended up second to Chadwick. Started on pole of main, fell back to 4th and worked our way back up to 2nd by checkered flag.